Love distance

Traditionally, condom ads rely on more or less gross jokes, hyperboles, they search the "shock & awe" effect, we could say. But this spot winned a Cannes Gold with a nice straightforward idea and big amounts of sensibility (no pun intended)...


When photography was a ceremony...

Since 1960, Malick Sidibé (Mali, 1936) has produced photographs in his studio, Studio Malick, located in Bamako. These images with their pure gaze document popular culture in his city. A vast majority of the photos he took during the 1970s ended up generating an extensive catalog of urban characters and types, the result of working with a sincere documentary approach without hang-ups of feeling superior to them. As a result, Sidibé has achieved producing photographs far removed from the prejudices of a Western gaze cast upon other cultures.

PHE- Today you’re a renowned photographer, and your photos have traveled all over the world. How did you start out in photography?

Malick Sidibé- I studied at the school of arts because I liked to draw. Then I began in photography by working with a French photographer in 1957. At the time, I was the youngest photographer in the city.

Luckily, I was the only one who had a flash, so I began to take photographs of parties at night. I was at the studio until midnight or one in the morning until I went out to take photos at parties. I would go back to my studio, develop the film, and on Mondays and Tuesdays I would hang the photos in my shop so young people could come and choose the ones they liked the most...

+ Read the entire interview to Malick in PHotoEspaña site


The website that is not a siteweb...

The agency BooneOakley concept is as simple as powerful... Why a website should be an especific site on the web?
So, if you go to www.booneoakley.com you won't find a page, but just a youtube video linking to other videos explaining perfectly what they are, what they do and how.

One of the best viral ideas I've ever seen...


Dvein for F5 Festival

The guys of Dvein created this title sequence for F5, an international showcase of cutting-edge artwork and design placed in New York. They wanted to create a sequence that reflected F5’s speakers, something that captured some hidden aspect of each person. The results are enough self explained...


Post-it stop motion

Deadline is an animation made by Bang-yao Liu using -it's easy to guess- just Post-its, a wall and lots of patience...


Building Art

The Ars Electronica Center of Linz used the 1085 LED lights of its facade to show this audiovisual piece from the artists Zachary Lieberman, Joel Gethin, Damian Stewart and music composed by Daito Manabe.

+ Info: Ars Electronica site