LOOP Videoart

This thursday starts in Barcelona the LOOP Videoart Festival...

LOOP is the annual meeting point for video art professionals based on the triple format of Festival, Fair and discussion Panels. LOOP Festival presents the work of over 800 artists at many different venues in Barcelona’s city centre. LOOP Fair is the first fair specialising in video art, and features more than 40 participating galleries and distributors showing the latest works by international artists.

+ Info: May, 21 - 31.
Site http://www.loop-barcelona.com

The history of marijuana

Animated promotion for the TV series "Weeds". A brief history of marijuana, A.K.A weed, grass, pot, ganja, cannabis sativa, indian hemp, dope, kif, etc...


César Ordóñez - Kagami V01

Kagami. "Mirror" in japanese. I reflect myself in everyone of them. I reflect myself in each woman, in each man, in each drop of water of the rhytmic rain that always walks with me. I see my image inside the crowd, thru their transparent umbrellas that cross the bright and vanishing streets of Tokyo. Rain wraps me up, caress me, hits me, and cleans me. I think I'm travelling without moving my body, but I'm there, thousand kilometers far away and at the same time so close to myself.

César Ordóñez, photographer.



Cuenca is PHotoEspaña’s headquarters for the third consecutive year. This year the city hosts a selection of exhibitions proposed by embassies and institutes from other countries. The initiative turns Cuenca into an international meeting point, opening up a section of the festival dedicated entirely to international photography.

Eight countries will participate in this edition with their proposed exhibitions: Belgium (BlowUp: Un collectif d´images:), Colombia (Contratextos), Greece (Nikos Markou. Topos:Nuances of space), Italy (Franco Fontana.Comparing lands), the Netherlands (Pages, A New Generation of Photo Books from the Netherlands), Portugal (Joshua Benoliel (1873-1932) Photojournalist.), Rumania (Iosif Király. Reconstructions) and the United Kingdom (Julian Germain. Classroom Portraits). Also, activities such as workshops, conferences and talks will be held in Cuenca in conjunction with the exhibitions. From 3 June until 26 July.

+ Info: PHotoEspaña site.

Babel Tales

Peter Funch takes a serie of everyday but at the same time quite eerie escenes of NY...

+ Info: Gallery


Snook - Naturally fashionable

Ruiz+company studio developed the brand identity for Snook, streetwear for kids inspired in the classic british schoolwear.

Far away from the typical concept of fashion, the brand spirit vindicates a different approach to smartness. As designer David Ruiz points, "Snook embodies a new kind of behaviour: it reflects elegance in a simple and comfy way".

+ Info: Snook site

MISC Magazine

They’re directors by day, online publishers by night. SamuelChristopher directing duo have launched a new online design quarterly, MISC magazine.

MISC initially came from SamuelChristopher and Hungry Man’s desire to show agencies the breadth of their skills in not only live-action directing but design, photography and art direction, duties which they also handle on most of their projects. The duo decided, however, to veer away from creating a publication that they’d exclusively distribute with their reel to a more broadly distributed mag that would showcase their work and the work of artists that the duo are passionate about.

+ Via: 'boards


Building Urban Motion

Urban Motion project unveiled at Milan International Film Festival

Short film festivals are always great for finding new, inspiring work. But usually they're pretty formulaic - lots of films screened inside a darkened cinema. However, the biggest film at this year's Milan International Film Festival from Italian creative agency abstract:groove wasn't screened in the cinema at all - it was projected onto it.

Building Urban Motion used light and music to transform the Arcobaleno cinema in Milan's Viale Tunisia into an architectural hallucination.

BUILDING URBAN MOTION - oneiric activity of a surface from abstract groove on Vimeo.

+ Via Shots Mag

Your Mother Doesn't Work Here

4th June starts in the Kessels Kramer Outlet an exhibition of well executed wit and spewed bile. This collection of anger led messages left on fridge doors and empty loo rolls tell us what happens when the softly, softly approach no longer works and that a declaration of war can begin with the word ‘please’.

The cult website Passiveaggressivenotes.com started in May 2007 by Kerry Miller after the trauma of living in a shared house. Her blog of anger filled messages has been a constant source of amusement for anyone who knows what it’s like to live with others. Gaining many plaudits it has over 3 million hits a month, won numerous website awards and spawned the book YOUR MOTHER DOESN’T WORK HERE: Painfully Polite and Hilariously Hostile Writings.

Opening night: Thursday 4 June, 7-9 PM
Exhibition runs from 4 - 30 June 2009

+ Info: FB link of the event

Sebastian's Voodoo

This animated shortfilm from paraguayan director Joaquin Baldwin is one of the finalist from the Cannes Short Film Corner. The winner will be chosen by online viewers and it will be announced at Cannes on May 21.


Subtle 'F.K.O' music video

F.K.O. is the first part in a trilogy of videos made by animation wizards SSSR; a Norwegian/Japanese animation collective who combine drawings, animated models, cut-up film and 3D computer graphics...

Suggested by Anna Roca


El peor hotel del mundo, by Kesselskramer

Se acaba de publicar The Worst, un libro que realiza un recorrido por la publicidad de Hans Brinker, el autodenominado "Peor hotel del mundo".

La iconoclasta comunicación del hotel ha sido realizada por la agencia holandesa Kesselskramer. Para conocer más de los trabajos y actividades de esta pandilla, siempre es interesante dejarse caer por la librería-punto de encuentro que han abierto en Londres, el KK Outlet.