Liquid Arquitecture ::: 555 KUBIK

The conception of this project consistently derives from its underlying architecture, the Hamburg Kunsthalle. The Basic idea of narration was to dissolve and break through the strict architecture of O. M. Ungers "Galerie der Gegenwart". Resultant permeabilty of the solid facade uncovers different interpretations of conception, geometry and aesthetics expressed through graphics and movement.

555 KUBIK | facade projection | from urbanscreen on Vimeo.

Drawing a Song

The agency Herraiz & Soto has created a gorgeous interactive videoclip for the band Labuat. The idea is so simple as beautiful: the user draws a line with a chinese-style brush stroke that synchronizes with the music and the mouse movements, all peppered with some nice animations triggered at predefined timestamps in the song.

+ Info: direct link to Soy tu aire videoclip.


The Crisis And Us

The new feature film by Johan Kramer is a modern fairytale about the impact of the financial crisis on the lifes of different human beings in Tokyo, Barcelona, Los Angeles, Buenos Aires, Amsterdam... and specially Ponzisson.

+ Info: The Crisis And Us will premiere 15th September.
In 15th September of 2008, the Lehman Brothers bank went bankrupt, it was black monday. One year later, this film tries to bring us a 'bright tuesday' it will be show for only one day in cinemas in Holland and other countries. The entrance will be just 10 cent. a special "crisis" prize.

Cannes... Gold?

It can be an important prize, but gold?



Directed by Henry Selick, the real director of The Nightmare Before Christmas, and based on a children's book by Neil Gaiman, Coraline combines stop-motion techniques with 3D to recreate a nightmarish fairytale. A modern and gothic version of Alice in Wonderland with a mystery mirror world housing some not-so-friendly creatures, the story becomes a cautionary tale of the classic "Be careful of what you wish..."

Visually though, the film is quite something. Apparently everything on screen was made by hand, painted by hand and shot with a camera. Anyway, which part was made by hand and which part is 3D doesn't matter as long as the final result is visually so appealing as in this case.


Pina Bausch

In memoriam, Pina Bausch (July 27, 1940 – June 30, 2009) leading influence in the development of the Tanztheater style and contemporary dance. Here, an excerpt of her performance in Almodovar's film "Talk to her"...